Career Coaching

Are you aspiring to join the Civil Service and want support with the STAR process, Behaviours and how to write a Personal Statement?

Free 20-minute  - consultation to discuss what your requirements are.

120 minutes @ £220

15% discount for students £187

If you want to prepare for a STAR based interview, but getting stuck at the behaviours and personal statement stage?

I can offer the following service.

  • Support and guidance in preparing your behaviour examples
  • Support and guidance in preparing your personal statements
  • Support and guidance to prepare your CV with your skills, experience and knowledge 

60 minutes via team @ £100 

15% discount for students = £85

If you want to excel at your next interview, you are in safe hands. I am a CIPD-qualified Human Resources professional with 25 years’ experience of interviewing candidates at all levels of seniority from graduates to CEOs - to get the jobs they wanted and achieve their dream careers within the Civil Service

My interview coaching and mock interview will help you to:

  • Significantly improve your chances of acquiring your dream job and chosen career 
  • Anticipate and understand specific interview questions that will arise in your job interview and practice your responses with an experienced HR professional
  • Create powerful, compelling and cohesive responses to the most challenging of interview questions 
  • Reduce nerves, increase confidence and present a polished, professional and articulate version of yourself during your interview 
  • Use the STAR framework to effectively respond to tough competency and behavioural based interview questions

Whatever your situation, my expertise will develop your knowledge, skills and confidence, with professional and personalised advice and guidance on every aspect of the job application and interview process.